The beginning of a journey

Good morning, good afternoon or good night
(depending on the time you are reading)

I would like to report here just a brief presentation and what are our plans for the future of the server.

As many already know on the day 2020-11-26T03:00:00Z @Linhares and I acquired the Amethyst server, it turned out that with this came many responsibilities, corrections and improvements that were necessary, because of that we didn’t have enough time to introduce ourselves.

Linhares has been present on the server for a long time, many know him already and I HEROw am joining this together with him, we are not to here command but to give a new face to the server. Long before we made the acquisition we already had some plans in mind for we apply to the server and many improvements and news, plans that will not fall by the wayside.

About the support

This new face is not just “another staff”, we are looking to be the STAFF, the staff that will make a difference, that will make the server grow and be better than ever, many have realized that we try to make ourselves more present as possible and this is something that will never change, our highest priority is support after all, anything without a timely support and that really solves our problems has no way of going forward, imagine the case, something happens in your account and you are prevented from participating in an event or something urgently and need help right away, at that time just open a ticket on our discord and we will respond in the shortest time possible and solving your problem in the best way for everyone.

About the changes

Some already know me from other servers and know how I like everything correct and being done in the best way that pleases everyone with it. Our initial changes were our website that underwent a reformulation completely, following our forum, a unique and exclusive platform for game content to be saved in a more accessible way.
From the 26th until today (12/14) we managed to reduce the open tickets from a range of 20 to just 2 with this we solved several problems where most of them have already been applied in corrections on the server, our bugs and suggestions section will be centered here in the forum, where we will give all the attention and read one by one giving our opinion and answer whether it will be implemented or not and why.

Many other changes that we have already planned will come around, but due to time we were unable to make them all at the same time, I hope you have a little patience as we are with a small but dedicated team and committed to bringing the best experience to all of you.
Those who manage to recognize all the changes and efforts that are being placed on the server, these will be the real beneficiaries of the changes, those who trusted in our work and did not give up but helped.

Together we are stronger!

Count on us for everything you may need, we are not here to be superior but to play and have fun with you.

I’ll leave here my thanks a lot to everyone who read everything and a last message …
It is because of the bad days that the good ones arrive!

See you at the game.
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