[RULES] User Responsability

When installing Amethyst iRose, the user will be automatically accepting the following rules, and those that the administration deems necessary.

A) The player is responsible for his account and password.

B) Providing an account and password for other players does not release them from liability, and any act that occurs that goes against the rules, the account will be punished.

C) Sharing account and password with other players is not allowed by the server, we are not responsible for items or zuly that disappear, or deleted character, the responsibility for the account is yours.

D) The password is entirely the player’s responsibility, and in case of account theft, the server is not responsible for any item or zuly removed from the account. Use strong password and login, do not share account, do not use easy passwords, the responsibility is yours.

E) Trading accounts and gambling items between players for cash is considered illegal by the server administration. So don’t do it because the punishment is the permanent blocking of the account.

F) The fact that the player has donated or purchased cash does not exempt him from the server rules. All punishments can and will be applied to these players. So if you have a cash item this is one more reason to keep your login and password well, never share your account and follow the rules and regulations of Amethyst iRose.

G) IT IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN to re-sell cash (virtual money for purchases of virtual items at the server’s mall) outside the server. The advertisement for sale outside the server, forum or any other medium that does not belong to the server is at serious risk of being banned. The sale and purchase of cash safely is only possible on the Amethyst iRose server website (http://amroseon.com/pt/en) or within the game with virtual currencies (zuly). NEVER BUY CASH FROM THIRD PARTIES, YOU WILL BE BANNED AND TAKE THE RISK OF HAVING YOUR MONEY STOLEN.

H) In the event of a server crash, for whatever reason, which causes the character to roll back, Amethyst iRose is under no obligation to reset items, zuly, purchases or any changes to the character due to the problem. Amethyst iRose is not responsible for any loss caused by the player and in cases of technical problems or misuse of the player.