[RULES] Chat / ingame

Chat rules:
Trashtalking is allowed in PvP Areas. Trashtalking is not allowed in areas that are not PvP. [MINOR OFFENSE] There are several exceptions for PvP and Non-PvP areas. - All of this below is punished as a serious offense;

Discrimination or hatred against a person’s nationality.
Insulting someone’s family or partner.
Mocking sickness or death.
Making real-life threats.
Persecution and harassment.
Encourage players to leave the game.
Promotion of other games.
Represent a GM.
Insulting a GM.
Racism and Homophobia Reports will be judged by a Gamemaster. The punishment will depend on the severity with which you violated the rules. If there was no bad intention or it was a very slight offense, no punishment is necessary.
Temporary Prohibition

Disrespect the team
Abusing a known or unknown game bug or bug.
Represent a member of the Staff to deceive other players.
Accusing a Staff member of being prejudiced.
Harass a player using inappropriate public language, personal message or whisper.
Announce another R.O.S.E. online game (in game, forums, facebook page or groups).
Abuse the game several times.
The word “gringo” is a form of racism
KS on NO-PVP maps
Permanent Prohibition

Represent a member of the Staff (in the game, forums, Facebook page or groups).
Steal items from other players in the game.
Repeatedly abusing known or unknown game failures or errors.
The trading of Accounts and Server Items between players through the currency of any country or items from other games / servers is considered illegal by the Server’s administration. Punishment on all Accounts.
Disrespect employees in any way or form (in the game, forums, Facebook page or groups).

You will recognize a team member by TAG [ADM], [GM] and [SUPPORT]