[RULES] About Safety

Below are some simple tips that can help protect your account

A) Do not give your login and password to anyone. This is also for forums, websites and game accounts. Under no circumstances disclose your username, password, e-mail, etc. Access passwords are personal and non-transferable. Always keep this information secret and don’t share it with anyone.
Remember: sharing your account with others is against our Rules.
GMs will never ask for your username and password.

B) Do not share your account. That means giving your account information, so don’t do that. GMs will ban your account for sharing it.

C) When creating an account, do not use your name, char name, phone number, birthday as your password

D) Avoid accessing these services in public places (Cybercafé). The security of these locations can be easily compromised by malicious programs. Access these services only from trusted stations.

E) Be careful when receiving files via emails and instant messages. Such files can contain malicious code that monitors everything that is typed - the famous keylogers. Also be careful when browsing messaging sites and “social networks”, as many of these applications are easily spread through them. When in doubt, discard any file and prefer to use secure browsers.
The fact is that these files are Keyloggers, that is, they will take your login and password and steal your account and you will be banned for using illegal files and third party programs.

F) Stay away from illegal things. Some players will make proposals to you for doubling an item, buying zuly from them with real money, etc …
You will be banned if you accept, even if you receive an item stolen from another player for free, you will be banned.
Play Honestly.

G) If you take a Screenshot of your Storage, be sure to delete your username from the image (it appears at the top of the storage window) before posting it on a forum or sending it to a friend.

H) Take extra care with the URL (website address). The look of the sites can be “cloned”, making it possible to create sites similar to the official ones and a similar access address in order to deceive people. This practice is known as phishing and the best way to protect yourself from this type of scam is to pay attention to the URL. The address of the links always appears in the status bar of the browser (usually located at the bottom of the window), while the address in current access is shown in the address bar (usually located at the top of the window). If the website you are accessing omits or in any way hides any of this information, close the window immediately and stop using that service. Access the Amethyst iRose website only through the address: http://amroseon.com/

I) Pay attention to the extension of the files you receive and / or download from the internet: .exe, .scr., .Cmd, .bat, .jar and .vbs files, among others, are executable files that can install malicious applications on your PC without your authorization.

J) Keep your PC protected with antivirus and firewall software.