[QUEST] Level 230

Reaching level 230 you will need to do a quest to continue leveling.

We will show below how to proceed to do the quest.

Step 1. Getting the quest

You should talk to Ronway, a guide in Adventure's Plains (5232,5218) He will guide you through the entire quest.

You must deliver to the Ronway 70 extermination evidence of Geb’s Boss

Step 2. Defeating the mobs

Now you must prove your strength by defeating the mob Ammut the Devourer, found on the map Geb Desert of the planet Oro and collecting the 70 Ammut the Devourer

With the 70 Ammut the Devourer collected, we must return to Ronway

Step 3. Finishing the quest

To finish, just talk to Ronway and thank him for the permission to continue his journey.

One more step has been completed and you can now proceed with your UP towards 250!

Translation Jaypi

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