[GUIDE] Skill Farming Craft


This is perhaps the most complex and important skill of the game.

That’s why I’ll be very detailed, because it has some things that if you don’t pay attention to them, you may end up spending unnecessary resources.

First I will talk about your main items and then your secondary items

The main items manufactured by this skill are:

Spirit of Freedom - image

Spirit Org - image

Madred Upgrade - image

Fehu - image

Uruz - image

Thurisaz - image

Ansuz - image

Anodized Aluminium - image

With caveat I’ll put

Paradigmatic Dust - image

Paradigmatic Cluster - image

Now you ask me why these items are so important in the game.

Because without these items you can’t evolve your equipment from lvl 220.

Every skill of manufacture, be it weapons or clothes from 220 will depend on some item of this skill to be manufactured.

Now let’s go to the explanatory part.

This skill is subdivided into 6 classifications which are:

Let’s start the explanatory part with the tab Soul.

Initially I will speak of the Spirit of Freedom.

An item not too complex to be manufactured, but that needs two other secondary items that I will present to you now, which are:

Spirit of Life* - image

Spirit of Death - image

But for me to need a Spirit of Freedom, you must be asking me.

First to make a cleric shield of lvl 240 and to refine your equipment to the +10 degree.

Now I will pass as this item is manufactured so that no doubt remains

For the Spirit of Freedom, to be manufactured it is necessary as you can see in the image below:

Spirit of Freedom

*1 Spirit of life

*1 Spirit of Death

That is, for the item to be ready, first you need to create these two secondary items

Basically this item has this functionality and this complexity for manufacturing.

Now I will talk about an item that has the possibility of already acquiring it in its final form, that is, the Spirit Org that can be dropped in Karkia or be manufactured with fragments that you achieve when performing Dungeon, which are the ones:

Soul of Talratha - image

To manufacture Spirit Org you will need the following features which are explained by clicking on the icon above.

This is the simplest item in our list.

Now we will talk about the Madred Upgrade. This item is used in all the Infernal Weapons of the game, which can be accompanied by this post here ([GUIDE] Crafting Your Weapons).

He as Freedom also needs other secondary items that are made by the same skill, which are:

Abyssal* - image

Health Ball - image

But it also asks for two more items as you can see by clicking on the icon below and check all its composition.

Madred Upgrade. - image

Karis Spirit and Omega Red can be obtained in the same place that the materials of Abyssal and Health Ball need to be manufactured, that is in Cave of Ulverick in its main boss Karis.

This is basically the usefulness of this material.

Now we will talk about the Magical Objects that are the

Fehu - image

Uruz - image

Thurisaz - image

Ansuz - image

And we will necessarily talk about the Unknown tab, which makes the item:

Unknown Stone - image

Every Magic Object depends on the Unknown Stone to be manufactured, so if you want any of these little colored balls you depend on this item.

Each of these little balls represents a class within the game and its highest items today (250) both in the parts of Weapon and in the parts of Set’s need these little balls.

Now let’s check the items needed to manufacture the Unknown Stone:

Unknown Stone - image

All these materials are dropped in Karkia.

Now I will tell you what each of these Magical Objects is for and I will show you the materials you need to make them:

Initially the Fehu - image

It serves in the manufacture of the items of class Soldier.

Then comes Uruz- image

It serves in the manufacture of the items of class Hawker.

Next comes Thurisaz - image

It serves in the manufacture of the items of class Muse.

And finally the Ansuz - image

It serves in the manufacture of the items of class Dealer.

This was the basic explanation of the Magical Objects and their features.

Now comes the most complex and confusing part of this skill, the item:

Anodized Aluminium - image

Because confused, you must be asking me.

Just by looking at your manufacturing material, you can already see that it depends on two other items that are made in the Paradigmatics tab.

Many items will use this material in their composition.

But we will move on to the Paradigmatics tab, so that I can better explain how the whole business works.

As you can see it is composed of 6 items and a means that depends on the other to be manufactured.

The items used to manufacture other items and the Anodized Aluminium are:

Paradigmatic Dust - image

Paradigmatic Cluster - image

But to manufacture these two items is necessary as shown in your manufacturing guide these items:

Paradigmatic Remnant - image

Paradigmatic Fragment - image

Paradigmatic Ore - image

Paradigmatic Essence - image

All this material can also be obtained in the Cave of Ulverick in the same main boss of the map the Karis, or in Paradise of Ra in the plants and stones scattered around the map.

And of course the most important of all, where do I get this skill?

It can be obtained through Online Points (OP) worth 50 points purchased at the NPC
Which is exactly in the middle of Junon near the stores.

I think I can finish now, any doubts or suggestions you can let us know.