[GUIDE] How in-game status work


[Status - What do they influence?]

Status Information

Force (STR):
➺ Increases maximum HP;
➺ Increases Load Capacity;
➺ Increases Physical Defense (Def);
➺ Increases Weapons Attack Body to Body (every 1 point) and Long Range Weapons (every 2.5 points)

Dexterity (DEX):
➺ Increases Esquiva;
➺ Increases Speed of Movement;
➺ Increases Bow Attack (every 1 point).

Intelligence (INT):
➺ Increases Maximum MP;
➺ Increases the Magic Defense (Def_M);
➺ Increases the Magic Weapon Attack;
➺ Increases the effect of skills (Buffs, Healing, Stun).

Concentration (CON):
➺ Increases HP and MP Recovery Rate;
➺ Increases Aim;
➺ Increases Rifles & Bazookas attack;
➺ Increases Success Rate of Craft Skills;
➺ Increases Critical.

Charm (CHA):
➺ Increases Quest Reward;
➺ Increases the chance of the item dropado coming with add or slot;
➺ Increases the chance of the item dropado coming refined.

Sensitivity (SEN):
➺ Increases Critical;
➺ Increases Skills damage;
➺ Increases the quality of manufactured items.