[GUIDE] Crafting Your Set's


Let’s start with a very basic tutorial regarding the Amethyst iRose server clothing craft.
In case you are interested in weapons manufacturing, just click on the link ([GUIDE] Crafting Your Weapons)

As you may have seen here things kind of work differently from other servers, because the best items are craft and not obtained in the form of cash (donate).

I will be brief in the explanation so that it doesn’t remain something massive.

All the set manufactured it starts from lvl 220.

Orbit (Soldier) - image

Tiger (Hawker) - image

Advanced (Dealer) - image

Nature (Muse) - image

All have the same complexity in crafting

After that things start to differentiate.

In this case the sets will be divided by class (2job) and no longer as primary class.

And that’s when one of the existing skills on that server starts to work.

Skill Farming Craft - which can be further detailed in this topic ([GUIDE] Skill Farming Craft)

In it you will see that there are some differentiated items that can only be obtained by the skill above.

And the sets in question would be:

Brave (Knight) -image

Sunny (Champion) - image

Reckless (Raider) - image

Beast (Scout) - image

Kevlar (Artisan) - image

Staid (Bourgeois) - image

Pure (Cleric) - image

Burning (Magician) - image

For these to be manufactured you will have to have the following materials.

After this phase comes the part of sets 240 (Shadow or Infernal), which will be defined according to the class in question.

These may be the most complex set in our list.

The sets are defined as:

Shadow Viper (Knight) - image

Infernal Viper (Champion) - image

Shadow Akela (Raider) - image

Infernal Akela (Scout) - image

Shadow Matrix (Artisan) - image

Infernal Matrix (Bourgeois) - image

Shadow Oasis (Cleric) - image

Infernal Oasis (Magician) - image

But the complexity of this set begins in its composition, because as you can see below it requires two sets to be manufactured.

It requires the set 230 that was previously manufactured since the 220 and the set 235 that is dropped on Oro maps. According to the topic Weapons and Equipments 235

And so it follows the necessary materials for its composition:


And now finally the so dreamed final set of the server, the so loved set of lvl 250.

It is also not such an easy set to achieve, but for those who have come this far. It doesn’t affect us that much, does it?

And those are the sets:

Yojimbo - image Soldier Set DEF

Zenmari - image Soldier Set AP

Zho Monk - image Hawker Set DEF

Kao Monk - image Hawker Set AP

Skyking - image Dealer Set DEF

Ironking - image Dealer Set AP

Witchdoctor - image Muse Set DEF

Jeastral - image Muse Set AP

Note: You must have noticed that no second job was placed on these sets. That’s my little padawan.

That’s why these sets are so sweet, because you can choose which one your character will venture into.

However, it is necessary to pay good attention to the items used to make the set in order not to get to the end and do wrong.

Materials are:

Soldier DEF
Soldier AP
Hawker DEF
Hawker AP
Dealer DEF
Dealer AP
Muse DEF
Muse AP

And finally Skill Farming Craft explained in Topic Farming Craft comes into action again.

As you can see he asks for items with different names, which you will learn by following the topic above.

I hope you enjoyed the brief explanation of how to make your items on Amethyst iRose.