Passing some brief information regarding the FACTION WAR event, it doesn’t have much to go on, as it is something very simple. I will just present some singularities that may occur and that you may not be able to participate in the event.

The event occurs daily on the server at the following times.

11:28 » 11:38 (Brazilian time)
21:28 » 21:38 (Brazilian time)

If you wanted to know the schedules of all events, just click on the topic (EVENTS).

To register you need to be above level 200 and should look for the following NPC

It is lozalized in Junon Polis at the following coordinate:

After chatting with him, make sure Quest is active in your character within ALT Q.

The portal opens at the following times:
11:38 » 11:40 (Brazilian time)
21:38 » 21:40 (Brazilian time)

After this message, proceed to the portal in question
image image

Now comes the most important part.
In case you can’t get the Quest of the event for any reason. Or that you end up not completing the event.
After the event is over, you must return to the NPC Orus and select option 3 as shown in the image below: